The vending business can be summed up this way: what do people need, and how can automated retail kiosks fill it?

Summit Vending is an active supplier and manager of vending units throughout BC. Summit Vending handles all of a client’s vending needs from supplying any variety of machines, stocking supplies, and servicing.

The first reference to vending ‘machines’ filling a need is from the first century: coin operated dispensers were used for holy water in Egyptian temples. The Chinese developed coin operated pencil venders during the 9th century. In the late 1880’s vending machines become commonplace selling postcards and chewing gum. In 1902, Automats—restaurants with self-serve vending machines and reportedly the best coffee—opened in Philadelphia after the introduction of instant coffee.

Modern vending now allows for any variety of products to be marketed to their target audience. Japan is famous for their unbelievable variety of goods sold in vending machines: live lobsters, batteries, umbrellas, ties and eggs to name a few. In the US you can purchase items like freshly made French Fries, 24-carat gold pieces, baby essentials, prescription medications, and Nike soccer balls. In Paris train stations, you can buy your groceries through a vending kiosk on your way home. There are few limits to what a vending machine can supply.

Summit Vending is committed to seeing what your business needs and filling it through their multi-faceted services and products.